New Counter Club Event: What's Really Going On Out There?

Join our next event where we'll cover early 2021 CVC data with our friends at Pitchbook and decipher what's happening in the corporate VC world.

CVCs have held strong throughout the pandemic, remaining resilient when doubters expected contractions. Through Q3 2020, CVCs participated in around 25.8% of completed deals in the US, which represented more than 51.5% of deal value (Source: Pitchbook). More than 1000 different corporate entities have invested in at least one VC deal in the US every year since 2014, participating in an average of 51.1% of deal value each year during that time frame (Source: Pitchbook).

Join us next month as we cover the latest CVC data from the Pitchbook & NVCA Q1 Venture Monitor Report. We’ll host Pitchbook Analyst Kyle Stanford and several members of our Counter Club community who will provide their take and commentary on what’s really going on out there.

The format will be slightly different for this event, more conversational with our CVC panel as we decipher the data and get into the weeds.

Join us on April 22, 8:00AM PT

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Some of our new Counter Club members

Justin Young, Investment Manager, Prologis Ventures

Justin, based in San Francisco, is an Investment Manager at Prologis Ventures, the CVC arm of Prologis, the largest owner developer of industrial/logistics real estate. Prologis Ventures are thesis-driven investors looking at growth stage companies (Series A+)  within supply chain & Logistics, Smart infrastructure, Automation, Proptech, ConstructionTech, Fintech. Check sizes $2-$10M.

Matt Roberts, Investor, Brookfield Technology Partners

Matt, based in San Francisco, is an investor at Brookfield Technology Partners, the CVC arm of Brookfield Asset Management. Brookfield is a $600bn AUM real-asset owner with assets across real estate, infrastructure and power. Brookfield Technology Partners writes checks from $15-75m into PropTech, ConstructionTech, transportation and logistics, energy tech and enterprise SaaS that sell into Brookfield’s end markets.

Stephanie Cherrin, Principal, Porsche Ventures

Stephanie, based in San Francisco, invests at Porsche Ventures, the CVC arm of Porsche. The Porsche Ventures mandate is wide, with a focus on auto tech, micromobility, first mile/last mile logistics, long haul, consumer and luxury experiences, fintech, fitness and wellness. Porsche Ventures write $3-7M checks from Series A-C, co-investing alongside traditional VCs and corporates.

More new members are introduced every week in our Slack group.

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